Unique wood shake restoration/new roofing optionĀ 

At times upon inspection of a customers wood shake roof, we find without surprise that certain sides of the roof, primarily the south and sometimes the west facing portions, have a great deal more wear upon them than the remainder of the roof. Being the versatile and creative company we are, we have chosen to offer our customers that want to stay with wood shakes and are contemplating a restoration job, the option of completely replacing the more worn portions of their roof and just restoring the rest. What does this amount to, a beautiful, functional and enduring roof, not to mention savings in money, benefits to the environment and of course another very happy customer. Our process is logical and we are very proficient at it. If you believe this may be an option for your particular roof, then we can let you know about the feasibility of such a project. Also this approach is very successful with some of our past customers in the process of remodeling their homes. (See ‘Repair, maintenance and full restoration of wood shake roofing’ and ‘Application of new fire retardant western red cedar shake roofing system’ for more information).