Sustainable Roofing Solutions became licensed by the State of California in 2004 for providing c-39 (roofing and waterproofing) services to the public. Previous to this, our founder, Mr. Kasra Kamooneh (aka ‘the Doc’), was hard at work pursuing a career mainly focused on becoming an architect. Following in the footsteps of his architect father, ( he first earned a BA in Design (1994) and then a Master of Architecture degree (1997) from the University of California, in Los Angeles. After completing a curriculum focused on ‘green design’ for more than two years, for his graduate thesis under his advisor, Professor Baruch Givoni, Kasra completed a ‘Climate Responsive Design Thesis’ which was a unique endeavor at the time in the M.Arch I program. The thesis was a combined research and applied design effort producing a mid-rise residential tower in the northern region of Tehran, his birth city.

In 1998, Kasra moved to the older and more traditional city in California, San Francisco, where he sought to begin and complete his training to become a licensed architect. After holding various positions in architect’s offices in and around San Francisco, Kasra found himself laid off for a time eventually landing a position at a prominent roofing company. Initially this event appeared unfortunate because it seemed far off from having the more prestigious position in the architectural/design professional environment. A couple of years passed as he persistently worked to pay bills in the meanwhile learning about the details of roofing and the business. He worked in almost all capacities for the company developing a versatile understanding of the trade. Incidentally, he began to love roofing because of his preference for spending time outdoors versus working in an office. Soon, Kasra discovered that he qualified to take the exam for receiving the c-39 license, so this is what he did; passing the exam and Sustainable Roofing Solutions was born.

We are happy to announce that we have also been issued the general ‘B’ license from the Contractors State License Board, so we are able to provide a full array of services for all of your building construction needs. Also, as of 2007, the ‘Build it Green’ agency (Berkeley, CA) has issued us the title of ‘Certified Green Building Professional’ acknowledging our efforts to work in an environmentally friendly manner.