‘Preserving the environment costs less than depleting it’, read an SRS poster ad at a Bay Area communal event. Philosophically, Sustainable Roofing Solutions conveys this basic proclamation. Meaning efficiency and conservation are essential to progress in the human story and wastefulness clearly leads to decay.

We strive to deliver unmatched professionalism at affordable prices, all the while offering options to our customers that can in the short and long term reduce costs and give maximum durability and aesthetic appeal of the exterior building envelope. We are not the lowest bid contractor. We aim to provide quality work at reasonable prices and seek customers who are wanting a sensible relationship with a contractor who brings value to the job beyond what can be described in a written agreement.

The owner of this company is a designer and craftsman and is present on all jobs working with and supervising employees who have been hand trained and understand the green minded philosophy of Sustainable Roofing Solutions. Whether the job is to replace, restore or simply repair roofing or siding, we always find big smiles on our customer’s faces upon completion of a project. We greatly appreciate the opportunity to serve our clients.