Unique full restoration of concrete and clay tile roofing –

Unique full restoration of concrete and clay tile roofing 

When marketing their goods, manufacturers tend to put forth to the consumer only the strong characteristics of their products. This is certainly the case with manufacturers of clay and concrete roofing tiles. Besides visual appeal, tiles are claimed to be a long-term solution as a roofing product. However, the tiles have limitations. Their usual water permeable surfaces make them problematic. Moss, mildew and fungus, among others, make their homes on the tiles and penetrate the surface of this roof covering. Often times, the tiles end up breaking because their structural make up is compromised. These inherent characteristics plague many tile roofs in California and throughout the country. We have a restoration solution to this problem now.

A coating system applied by our trained technicians offers a long-term solution to protect your tile roof and keep it looking beautiful. This unique seven step process includes hydro-cleaning of your tile roof with an organic solution, making repairs and replacing broken pieces, application of a penetrating sealer base coat, application of two 3 mil thick thermo-plastic top coats (20 colors to choose from) that provide long term ultraviolet protection/waterproofing/heat reflectance, and then finally a finish glaze coat. We also leave extra tiles if repairs are needed in the future. Our production team offers a strong 15-year limited warranty with this service.