Repair of low slope roofing systems

In the last 100 years or so, low slope/flat roofs have become extremely popular. This probably has a lot to do with aesthetic tendencies in modern architecture. In reality it is clear to understand that a low slope roof does not shed water at the rate of a steeper one and this can lead to water penetration issues/leaks. There are plenty of low slope roofs around and plenty of those have problems like deteriorating/unprotected membranes due to excessive weather conditions sometimes from water ponding. Besides replacing these roofs, repairs are also possible, although a full restoration job is usually recommended as the best solution which guarantees repairs and offers extensive longevity and economical benefit (see ‘Maintenance and ‘cool roofing’ restoration of existing low slope systems’)

At times when a new roof is necessary, we may also recommend a re-sloping of the existing deck. While this can be pricey, it may be the only way to eliminate the hassles and problems associated with a roof that does not have enough slope. Diagnosis of problems with low slope roofs is the most important and most difficult information to come by therefore we highly recommend scheduling a Roof Inspection Report which documents all findings important in the decision making process for the roofing job. We offer repair, maintenance and restoration of most low slope systems.