Building design and construction services

Our multi-disciplinary approach to construction brings value to any project. The vast amount of training we have has qualified us for a C39 (Roofing) specialty license as well as a General ‘B’ license. The General ‘B’ license allows us to perform projects including any two unrelated trades or crafts, while not having any limitations on executing just framing or carpentry projects. Again we are headed by a design professional and this can bring great value to any project by increasing quality, accuracy, and efficiency. If you are considering our services and looking to get pricing, you must furnish us with ample specifications and/or construction drawings from a licensed architect or professional designer. We can also provide this service for you separately or as part of a full service package. Initial consultations via telephone and email are complimentary while consultations that include site visits are considered to be a paid service.

Remember, if we are completing a roofing project for you, we can offer a complimentary consultation for additional projects as an added convenience in dealing with our ‘one-stop-shop’ business.