Photovoltaic/Solar PanelsĀ 

The photovoltaic industry, having been around for more than four decades, has made it more practical than ever to help you power up with the clean renewable energy of our sun. Although the photovoltaic systems require an upfront investment, you can expect to recoup the entire amount in about 5-10 years, while the systems have a life expectancy of many more decades. After the short initial period you will be racking up the savings.
Depending on the particular system, the solar panels can almost eliminate or dramatically reduce your electrical bills, instantly increase the value of your home/building, they are rewarded with government rebates and incentives, and finaly they offset a great deal of polluting emissions into our atmosphere.

We can aid in the planning of your system with the help of our local contacts in the industry and can also assist you by setting up the installation hardware for your designed system to be easily acquired at a later date with minimal complications, when you are ready for it.