Building/Roof Flashing Components

If you have noticed, this heading regarding Building and Roofing Flashing Components has the only bold text in our entire website! What this means is that it is worthwhile for you as the consumer to pay special attention to this subject. First off, if you have found yourself with a low priced bid for your project and you have any questions or doubts about the situation; the answer most likely lies in the quality of flashing work (if any at all) to be done on your roof by the potential contractor. For years we have been trying to educate our customers verbally regarding this matter. We have succeeded to a good degree after spending considerable energy to convey the message face to face with the help of some photos. In this new section we are speaking of the general issues in regards to flashing work and showing some of the key flashing components that will make the roof last for decades and decades versus just a number of years. Here is a short list of some of the main flashing types: Metal Valley Flashing, Roof to Wall Flashings, Step Flashings, Chimney Saddle and Pan Flashings, Vent Flashings , Counter Flashings, Riglets and then some secondary components like: Rake and Eave Edge Nosings as well as Z Flashings and Trim Flashings integrated in with the building siding systems.

Clever contractors and smooth sales people will hardly ever want to speak about this topic to potential customers if they even understand the topic. When selling asphalt shingles for example, they will let you know about the name of the roof emphasizing the warranty period like, ‘Lifetime Shingles’ (actually that would be Lifetime Limited Warranty Shingles, make it Very Limited Warranty Shingles). In areas where flashing is needed, often time they rig the seam with roofing mastic that will hold off through the average 5 or so year warranty period offered by contractors. We often see entire neighborhoods where roofs are installed in this way. The quality contractor will address all of the flashing problems and needs properly with a high standard of care and will build the roof anatomically correct. This latter approach is our path and we take it with the pride of knowing that we will be saving you or any future occupant the hassle of having to deal with a leak even 25 or 30 years down the road. This is among the reasons why we call ourselves Sustainable Roofing Solutions, sustainability is more than a buzz word for us, it is our heritage!

By the way, obviousy proper flashing also adds to the value of your house once the home has been inspected/appraised. Remember roofing is first and foremost in the details & seams where materials come together, not in the field area that even an average inexperienced person can lay down, that could potentially still come across as impressive/satisfactory from the street level. New colors and materials are great as long as you don’t have premature leaks and expenses. Be aware and enjoy the future!