Installation of roof gardens for residential and commercial roofs

This is an area in the world of roofing which is gaining the attention of many people. Some of the main reasons for the heightened interest in roof gardens are the following: turning unused space on roof tops into functional spaces such as outdoor relaxation zones, reducing the ‘heat island effect’ caused by excessive urban hardscapes that absorb radiation and result in heated environments, saving energy by controlling excessive rainwater runoff that needs to be cleaned by city utility plants, and also turning residential roofs into insulating heat resistant assemblies where food may be grown. Creating roof gardens can be quite a complex endeavor. The owner of this company who is a designer/builder and roofer also has experience working in the landscaping field. Our combined experiences as well as ongoing research and collaboration with other professionals set us up to provide this service for you. If you would like consultation on the feasibility of a roof garden or similar habitable rooftop space for your building, we offer our design/build services for you.