Application of new fire retardant western red cedar shake roofing system

Wood shakes are available with class ‘C’ or ‘B’ rated fire retardant pressure treated into them. Class ‘A’ fire resistance can be achieved (that is equivalent to tile, fiberglass composition and slate!) with the installation of an additional fiberglass base sheet beneath the felt interlayment and shakes. Some building departments require the class ‘A’ assembly.

We install heavy western red cedar shakes on roofs that have a slope of 4 in 12 or higher. 100% vertical edge grain shakes are available to our customers and offer more durability at only the marginal cost difference for the better material. And remember, this is a roof that can be completely restored, preferably between the age of 10 and 20 years. Western red cedar shake roofs are a natural choice that offer unmatched beauty and performance but are not the cheapest roofing solution. This service includes a six (6) year 100% labor and material warranty.