Application of new fiberglass asphalt composition roofing systems

Fiberglass asphalt composition roofing is the most popular type amongst all other choices. The shingles are meant to be applied on medium to steep sloped roofs (3/12 and up). They come in a wide variety of colors and configurations through numerous manufacturers. The main reason for their popularity has to do with the value they offer. Although lifetime limited and for example 50 year warranties from manufacturers may be somewhat misleading accompanied with lots of fine print, the shingles do tend to last a long time and their longevity can be determined often times from the thickness of the shingle itself as well as the degree of slope of your roof and of course the quality of installation. Higher grade shingles should have no problem lasting several decades under normal conditions. Sustainable Roofing Solutions can apply the shingle of your choice on your solid decked roofing surface or we can install a new deck or make repairs to the existing deck as necessary before shingle installation. This service includes a ten (10) year 100% labor and material warranty.