Repair, maintenance and full-restoration of wood shake roofing

Repair, maintenance and full restoration of wood shake roofing

In the roofing market today, the value of natural wood shake roofing is misunderstood by some people. Wood shake roofs are very attractive when maintained well; don’t forget most synthetic and composite materials are trying to emulate the natural textured look of either wood shakes or slate. Wood shake roofs offer higher insulation values during the winter and are the most breathable roofing material capable of exhausting excessive summer attic heat when installed on a skip sheathed deck. We think wood shake roofs are made to be maintained because of the way they are built, therefore we have made ourselves repair experts and have put forth maintenance and full restoration programs for our customers.

Three services for existing wood shake roofs are offered through Sustainable Roofing Solutions. We repair damaged areas; we have an economical maintenance service; and we also pride ourselves on offering a full-restoration service unmatched in quality throughout the industry.

When purchasing a new roof, quality of craftsmanship matters, but most licensed roofers follow standards. However in the case of restoration, the quality issue is even more important. Our top quality job entails; tear out of questionable and faulty materials, replacement with compatible shakes and usually all new ridge caps, then a thorough power washing followed by a second round of repairs and quality control. Finally we saturate your roof with a high quality wood preservative with flame retardant available in semi-transparent and semi-solid tones. For the restoration, we do offer reductions in cost for any reductions of the services just mentioned. You are free to request specific services from us. The full restoration comes with a ten year 100% labor and material warranty covering leaks. This warranty is very similar to our ten(10) year 100% warranty for new roofs. The ideal time to consider restoring your wood shake roof would be when it has aged 10 to 20 years. Remember, the earlier you restore your shake roof, the lower the cost of your restoration project and usually the better the results, returning the condition closer to the original newly installed roof. Depending on the age and condition of your roof at the time of restoration, this process can prolong the life of your roof on average between 8 to 15 years. This is a very environment-friendly and economical solution, if you currently have a wood shake roof.