Landscaping design and construction services –

The owner of our company has had a great interest in landscape design and construction ever since working on construction projects at the botanical gardens at the University while attending graduate school. That initial experience along with others that came after, have culminated in us being able to offer landscape design and construction services under our general contractors license. We have already completed residential design and construction projects with outstanding results delighting our customers and their neighbors. We enjoy this process, take it very seriously and are proud that we are able to compete with and outdo many other companies that have been in the industry doing this work for a long while. We attribute the success more to our value system and approach versus our possible talents.

Receiving recognition as ‘Certified Green Building Practitioner’ from the ‘Build it Green’ agency in Berkeley, California, as well as our familiarity with the ‘Bay-Friendly Landscape Guidelines’ brings to you more beautiful and low-maintenance surroundings, more in tune with our natural world. You can just feel the results!